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Silver- Indium- Gold- Platinum- Iodine- Zinc- Iron- Chromium- Copper- Magnesium- Ormus




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The preparation method of this exotic substance, seen as a rediscovery of old recipes from the crucible of alchemists, is freely shared to our guests here. Silver47 website, following closely the field of nano-technologies, itself in a formal relationship with quantum science, assumes its openness about the various assertions which can be found on the ORMUS. If the so called Ormes elements do not receive recognition from the scientific community, its unusual history deserve our attention.

By a positive experience with this substance, and because the Ormus solutions are known as harmless (salt based) we decided to give the Ormus a relay on our pages. Its traditional methods of preparation are provided free of charge, and the Ormus sold in our shop is produced by one of the best Ormus producers today.

Long before the Internet era, the field of research ORMES was actively supported by David Hudson, a wealthy American farmer who devoted his life to the question. Since his death, research is reduced to empirical progress, improvements and discoveries resulting from the tests, trials, and concentrated efforts of enthusiasts across the planet. Many discussion groups and workshops dedicated to the Ormus are still working together to popularize these solutions.




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