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Colloidal gold refers to tiny gold particles electrically suspended in distilled water. Ancient civilizations
__used gold in the form of elixirs and tinctures. It was the famous medieval German physician Paracelsus
__who first prepared colloidal gold solution in modern times. He called his gold purple solution "Aurum Potabile
__(Drinkable Gold). After studying the work of Paracelsus, the English chemist Michael Faraday prepared
__the first sample of colloidal gold in 1857, and many uses were found for his solutions of “activated gold"

__Gold have a particular affinity for the brain and the nervous system. According to the literature, gold has

__anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It affects humoral and cellular immunity. Today, nano-gold

__particles are still subject to numerous studies, revealing the endless possibilities of this noble metal.

Colloidal Gold Silver47

__Colloidal gold produced by arc / high-voltage. Each bottle contain pure 24K gold and distilled water.
__A sealed bottle of Colloidal gold can be stored up to 10 years. The natural color of colloidal gold ranges
__from light pink up to lavender. Depending on the concentration and particle size.


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