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Zinc is an essential element and a vital key to the immune system, it exerts a major role in the growth,
__endocrine system, immunity, inflammatory conditions, reproduction and sexuality. Zinc is anti-viral and
__is found in all body fluids. Zinc is an essential ally for all kinds of skin disorders, it is also an exceptional


__Zinc is involved in the synthesis of DNA and nucleic acids. It is found in considerable proportion

__in the prostate which it provides protection as well as in the seminal fluid. Zinc reduces the negative
__action of androgens and is widely used in dermatology.

Ionic Zinc Silver47

__16oz bottle / 35 days: 1 table spoon daily (15mg) - R.D.A 100%
__ZnSO4 ionized, distilled water. Dietary supplement. Can not substitute a well-balanced diet.
__Please respect the dosage. Keep away from children. Consume within 6 months bottle open or closed.
__À consommer dans les 6 mois après ouverture.

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Prostate- Sexuality- Hair loss--Antiviral -Immunity (2)_Physical performance-- Healing and fractures- Ocular system