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___Iron has the longest and best described history among all the micronutrients. It is a key element in
___the metabolism of almost all living organisms. Iron is involved in the transport of oxygen, a deficiency

___limits oxygen delivery to the cells, resulting in fatigue, slow metabolic functions, and decreased immunity.

Nearly two-thirds of the iron in the body is found in hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries

___oxygen to the tissues. As every mineral, it acts as an essential cofactor for a good hormonal health and

___participates in hundreds of enzymatic reactions in our body.

Ionic Iron Silver47 __________________________________


___16oz bottle / 35 days : 1 table spoon daily (14mg) - R.D.A 100% + Vitamin C (7mg)

___(C2H5NO2 )2 Fe SO4 ionized, Ascorbic-acid-L, distilled water. Dietary supplement.

___Can not substitute a well-balanced diet. Please respect the dosage. Keep away from children.

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Immune deficiency--Depressiveness -Irritability-- Oxygenation -Circulation