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Copper is the third most common mineral in the body. It is found mainly throughout the musculo-skeletal
___system, although the largest amounts are found in the brain and liver.

___The formation and regulation of hormones such as melatonin is under the control of copper, it is also
___responsible for the production of a wide range of neurotransmitters. Collagen production and formation
___of red blood cells are both highly dependent on copper concentration. Zinc is a major copper antagonist,
___while it has been found that .zinc intakes result in copper deficiency, high copper intakes have not been
___found to affect zinc levels

Ionic Copper Silver47

___16oz bottle / 35 days : 1 table spoon daily (2mg) - R.D.A 200%
___CuSO4 ionized, distilled water. Dietary supplement. Can not substitute a well-balanced diet.
___Please respect the dosage. Keep away from children. Consume within 6 months bottle open or closed.

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