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Chromium is an essential trace element and an important co-factor of insulin, a powerful metabolic

___hormone involved in the regulation of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Chromium helps the body to

___maintain normal levels of sugar in blood. By controlling the blood sugar fluctuations, it also helps to

___soothe hunger. This nutrient helps to constitutes a biological complex called GTF (glucose tolerance factor).


___This complex has a role in stimulating the activity of insulin which is required for the conversion of glucose

___and thus the production of energy. The typical modern diet rich in sugar and refined flour is forcing the body

___to quickly dissipate its reserves of chrome.


Ionic Chromium Silver47

___16oz bottle / 35 days : 1 table spoon daily (200mcg) - R.D.A 100%

___CrCl ionized, distilled water. Dietary supplement. Can not substitute a well-balanced diet.
___Please respect the dosage. Keep away from children. Consume within 6 months bottle open or closed.

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