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. ..PLATINUM -colloidal

Colloidal platinum refers to tiny platinum particles electrically suspended in distilled water.
__Platinum acts on cellular aging. Tokyo University Yusei Miyamoto's work of on Platinum
__nanoparticles suggest a significant increase in the lifetime of model organisms used in genetical
__research. More studies have shown the capacity of platinum nano-particles to reduce oxidative
__stress, as well as enhancing mitochondrial activity to a similar level than Co-E Q10 (ubiquinone).

In homeopathy, this unalterable metal is used for the development of a remedy called Platina.
Today medicine knows platinum salts as an active compound of chemotherapeutic drug (cysplatin).

Colloidal Platinum Silver47 __________________________________

__Colloidal platinum produced by arc / high-voltage.
__Each bottle contain pure 0,9999 platinum and distilled water.
__A sealed bottle of colloidal platinum can be stored up to 10 years. 

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-Longevity (2)AntibacterialGermicid (2).. Anti-inflammatory-.DNA-(2)