Einige lesenBesuchen Sie unseren ShopEntdecken Sie unsere Produkte Silver47, wer sind wir? Einige lesen Besuchen Sie unseren Shop Entdecken Sie unsere Produkte Silver47, wer sind wir?

Silver47, qui sommes-nous ? Découvrez nos produits Visitez notre boutique ! Un peu de lecture..


On this page, Silver47 is offering you some information records. Please take them as a smart complement to your treatment, as well as an opportunity to give our body a rest. Away from a new type of pollution against which we struggle on a daily basis : food pollution.

Sugar civilization - Sugar and cell degeneration
Refined and processed food - Refined food facing the body
The acid-base balance - Metabolic acidosis
Candida albicans - Story of an invasion
The belly - How and why to reconcile with our belly
Water - Why is water so important
Probiotics, the good bacterias - Internal balance of the digestive system
Heavy metal poisoning - Mercure, lead, aluminium...
The natural and the synthetic - Medecine of the past, medecine of the futur
The story of a supermarket cherrypie - Science fiction
Food irradiation - Mutants ! New conservation practices




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